Wedding Party with cute puppy on Vancouver Island

Pets At Your Wedding – A Complete Guide to a Stress Free Day

Wedding Party with cute puppy on Vancouver Island

Pets at Your Wedding One would think that the biggest wedding trend these days was lace or multi-colored bridesmaid palettes, but no…it’s pets at your wedding! Wedding photos are pouring in this year, with dogs having a serious role in the affair. There is also the general animal theme, with many weddings happening at farms that have opened up as wedding venues. One thing is for sure. The results are a big hit with guests and couples alike…though we can imagine some photographers are pulling their hair out!

There are a few things to think about before including your pets on your special day. Is your pet amiable among crowds, or should you have a ‘pet sitter’ for the day? Would it be better for the pet to be carried down the aisle rather than ‘walk’? Have you informed your guests in case any have allergies? Have you checked with your venue that pets are welcome? Is your pet safe and comfortable in their ‘wedding attire’ for the day?

Some pets are perfectly able to attend just like any other guest without any trouble, while others may need supervision in a crowd. Remember that you can hire someone to care for your pet during the day if this is a concern for you. 

If your wedding party is willing…take advantage and get those fun animal moments!

If your pet can’t be part of the ceremony, perhaps choose to do your photos where your pet can be. If your wedding party is willing…take advantage and get those fun animal moments! 

Some pets seem to love being ‘flowered up,’ but be sure that nothing irritates your pet. The bow tie seems most popular, but some pets go full-on formal with jackets and boots!

Taking the time to be sure all your ducks are in a row beforehand will save you from problems happening on the big day – and keep everyone (on two legs or four) happy!

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Wedding Party with cute puppy on Vancouver Island
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