Floral Waterfall of Pretty Wedding Bouquets

Pink Wedding Bouquet Floral Waterfall Thrifty Foods Vancouver Island
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Floral Waterfall – Sometimes the most beautiful things come about by random happenstance…this West Coast wedding floral editorial was planned for the ocean side when it began to rain buckets.  Gorgeous wedding bouquets should never be wasted so we looked for a way to still take some photos…and noticed the small waterfall nearby.  Out came the rubber boots and we all went for a walk in the water for floral waterfall photos!

Details such as succulents and ribbons will create a wedding worthy floral design!

We love the varied styles and colours that are trending right now for west coast weddings though, of course, the all green bouquet is leading the way. Details such as succulents and ribbons will create a wedding worthy look for one colour bouquets as well as provide a structural centerpiece to natural greens.

Colourful bouquets, whether large or small, are always popular.  The flowing bouquet has made a comeback along with the handheld floral design. Be sure to ask your florist how textural elements can add to your overall wedding theme. You will be surprised at some of the lovely ideas that can be incorporated into your bouquets such as vintage jewellery from family members or wrapping the stems in fabric from your mother’s gown.

Photos: New Leaf Photography | Design: Thrifty Foods Floral |

Venue: Old House Hotel & Spa