Changing Plans Anastasia Photography couple with sparklers

Changing Plans Creates A Beautiful Wedding

Changing Plans Anastasia Photography couple with sparklers

Changing Plans Creates A Beautiful Wedding….Alex + Thomas’s Galiano Island elopement proves the words ‘Nothing is hopeless that is right’. They are a couple who were not thrown off by the pandemic as they had always wanted an intimate wedding anyway. Then life started throwing extra curves their way. Changing Plans Anastasia Photography couple holding candles

Alex explains, “During the summer of 2020 Thomas and I planned to elope in the fall. COVID-19 had given us permission to forgo any large wedding expectations and crystallized for us that after being together for 5.5 years we didn’t want to wait any longer to get married. The pandemic allowed us to do it on our own terms.”Changing Plans Anastasia Photography shot from waist down

“What we always wanted was a very intimate ceremony that included our dog. Connecting in nature and hiking are where we’ve shared some of our best adventures so we knew an outdoor wedding would suit us well. We originally chose Tofino as our destination.”Changing Plans Anastasia Photography couple walking in forest

“However, just days before our wedding date, another restriction came into place closing down our venue. As our date approached,  we unfortunately had to say goodbye to our dog. We were devastated. With no venue, and grieving the loss of a member of our family, we realized more than ever how important it was to seize the day and celebrate our love.”Changing Plans Anastasia Photography closeup of bride looking at her bouquet

“We decided to prioritize having just our family with us. This allowed us to stay safe within the restrictions but also include those most important to us.”Changing Plans Anastasia Photography couple embrace under cozy quilt

“This also opened up the opportunity to relocate our ceremony to my family’s property on Galiano Island. It has been amazing to see in the midst of a pandemic the kindness people, especially our closest, are capable of. We were flowerless, cakeless, and foodless so we began adapting & overcoming together. Our family flew in and changed their plans, our photographer brought florals and decor with her from Whistler, I baked our wedding cake and Thomas cooked our gourmet, multi-course wedding meal. From the craft-cocktails, table decor and forest-grove ceremony site everything magically came together. With next to no notice, we arranged a beautiful wedding surrounded by our closest family. It seemed a blessing for our marriage that despite such obstacles Thomas and I worked together to create such a joyful day.”Changing Plans Anastasia Photography family portrait with quilt and pup

We love that changing plans created a beautiful wedding for Alex and Thomas. Though it was not their original plan, the love and joy of family and friends coming together for their wedding day is something that no one will ever forget! Changing Plans Anastasia Photography Glassware candlelit glow

Dress: Bliss by Monique Lhuillier | Suit: Bespoke Made Suits | Flowers: Bliss Event + Design | Rentals: Pedersen’s Event Rentals | Photography & Decor: Anastasia Photography & The Whistler Wedding Collective  | Stationery Art: Mia Mercury Art | Everything else: Neilson Chan Co 

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