Engaged Couple Reflection through panes of glass

Vancouver Engagement Celebrates the City

Engaged Couple Reflection through panes of glass

Vancouver Engagement Celebrates Love in the City! Shots in front of the skyline, the waterfront, on the stairs of fire escapes, on park benches, along the street and on the waterfront…no part of the city was left out of this amazing engagement session!

Hari & Kayden had an amazing day exploring Vancouver for their photo shoot with Hennygraphy Photography. And while the epic shots are to die for – there are also wonderful detail photos showing the feeling between these two.  

We especially love the the beautiful bouquet, with long satin ribbons, showcasing some frivolity along with the more severe lines of the city landscape. An artsy juxtaposition that is perfect for this couple.  


If you are planning your city engagement shoot with your photographer be sure to talk to them about your favorite spots in the city. Think about your memories together ie: restaurants, hikes, coffee shops, parks and even your favorite shopping haunts! Don’t be afraid to dress to include a bouquet. Floral can really add to the mood of your photos. Above all – be creative and show your personalities.  Vancouver Engagement couples are especially spoiled with plenty of gorgeous scenery and city! 

Hennygraphy  Photography | Florals Lieve Studio | Vancouver Mobile Makeup

You are invited to another amazing engagement session – off roading in a Jeep! 

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