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Off Roading Jeep Engagement Kicks It Up a Notch!

LovOff Roading Jeep Engagement | Hennygraphy | BC Wedding Magazine | West Coast Weddings Magazinee and Laughter


Off roading in a Jeep? Engagement shoots are always so fun but this one took it up a notch! Camping, fireside photos and plenty of personal moments make this shoot extraordinary. Of course, the whole Jeep camp set up is perfect. How did Andrew + Yoonji meet? We are blessed to hear the guy’s side of things this time. The story goes…

“We first met at UBC. It was an event for a club and I was really debating going or not (I usually go to the first few of the year before fizzling out) so I went late to see some other friends there. As an icebreaker event I got put into a random group of people and I met Yoonji. I was shocked to meet another person from Engineering (and a girl at that!). Nothing really clicked but I creeped her on Facebook the next day and got to know her a bit more throughout the year. Halfway through the year, she found out I volunteered with kids at our church and she was interested.  I brought her along to volunteer with me and we started to get closer. I asked her out near the end of summer but she turned me down as I was going away for co-op for four months. She said let’s re-visit it when you get back. A week went by and I decided that I didn’t really want to take no for an answer (and couldn’t wait until after I got back) and asked her out again. Luckily she said ‘yes’ and things have been going great since.”

“I ended up proposing to Yoonji at UBC – in the exact same building and room that we first met at that club event. I actually wore the same sweater that she always remembered (I was keen on throwing it out a few times but she had grown attached to it). My brother and best friend helped set up and capture the moment. Her sister brought her to UBC under the pretense of needing a ride to a friend’s place. I had helium balloons set up with custom photo cards floating at eye level. Each one had a photo of our time together and bits of a letter leading her to the next one and next one and finally to the room. We had candles and flower petals setup. When she finally came into the room I was waiting in the middle and as I started to say what I had stayed up all night practicing…all that I could really even say was ‘I love you’! Then we both started crying and I figured I’d just skip to the end. I got down on one knee and asked her to marry me. Luckily she didn’t turn me down and said YES!”

Photos: Hennygraphy

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