Detail in Pink Paper Flowers for Wedding

Paper Flowers – A Unique Wedding Trend

Detail in Pink Paper Flowers for Wedding

Paper flowers are a beautiful and dreamy wedding trend impressing couples and guests alike. They are fashionable, unusual, and original addition to your decor. Gorgeous paper flowers are being seen as aisle decorations, centerpieces, backdrops, and even as bouquets.

the perfect colour

Flowers create the atmosphere of the ceremony, particularly handmade flowers. They could be of any size or color, more realistic or styled. A bride could choose any shape or shade, and most importantly, these flowers don’t depend on the season!  One of the amazing things about handmade flowers is that you can have flowers in colours that do not exist at your local floral shop.

professional or DIY?

Paper can continually change shape and improve in the hands of the right artist. If you are looking to create an entire paper flower theme, it is extremely important to find the right decorator who can make luxury flower decor for your wedding. Or, if you are creative – check out some of the DIY videos on paper flowers. Just keep in mind that most of the more detailed and eye-catching creations you see on Pinterest are by professional paper artists. 

Paper Flower Backdrop for Wedding Vancouvereye-catching giant flowers 

Giant paper flowers are also growing in popularity. Who doesn’t love walking around flowers larger than life? These flowers are perfect for photo backdrops, behind head tables, and creating dramatic entrances. 

Photo: SGudilova Photography

Giant flowers are also a huge crowd-pleaser at any event – one instant side effect of having these beauties at your wedding is that guests immediately start taking photos of themselves and friends around the flowers! A great way to keep guests happy.

Whether you choose fragile tissue paper or bolder papers for your flowers is up to you. The composition of paper flowers provides a fresh prospect on a timeless design concept and helps to recognize new possibilities in wedding decor. So get creative – this whimsical yet elegant trend is here to stay.

Article written with ArtByNataliia (IG @nataliiawind), a local fine artist specializing in creating handmade flowers of any size. Her flowers are made of Italian crepe paper and unique water-resistant material, which allows for creating realistic and durable flowers.

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