Favours in Jars by Myrtle and Moss Photography Vancouver Island Weddings Magazine

Your Guests Will Say “Yumm”: 4 Unique Ways to Present Baked Goods As Favours

Favours in Jars by Myrtle and Moss Photography Vancouver Island Weddings Magazine

Contributed by Katie Tejada

Your Guests Will Say ‘Yumm’ when you give them baked goods as favours. Deciding what you and your beloved will give your guests as wedding favors is only half the fun. The other half is deciding how to display them! When it comes to baked goods, you need a grease-resistant, strong, attractive, and affordable container. Check out these unique ideas for packaging your edible wedding favors.


Serving dishes are a unique gift-wrapping option for almost any baked good, especially savory puddings. Choose crystal glasses or porcelain bowls and fill them with your treat, then pull cellophane over the top and close it with a price of string or ribbon. Shopping at local antique stores and getting different styles and finishes will be even more fun.

  • Guests and Wedding Favours on Vintage Dishes Myrtle and Moss PhotographyChocolate mousse    
  • Molten cake
  • Apple crumble
  • Bread pudding
  • Rice pudding

You can personalize the dishes with each guest’s name or a ribbon to match your color scheme. If you need help choosing your wedding color palette, we can help with that as well! Just browse our blog for some of our favorite trending shades.


Kraft boxes are a trendy, affordable way to package party favors and are fully recyclable! Available in white or brown to fit the design with your theme, these parcels feature a handy viewing window, allowing guests to peek at the treat inside. These boxes are perfect for Cookies, Biscotti, Brownies, Mini Cupcakes, and Cheesecakes.

If you plan to send each guest home with a slice of wedding cake, you might prefer a cake-slice-shaped box. Your friends and family will love drooling over their slices through the viewing window until they get home!



If you want a really unique wedding favor, consider presenting your snack-sized delights in a portable pop-like style. Choose bamboo sticks that are fully biodegradable and are the perfect way to present:

      Cakepop Wedding Favours                            

  • Mini chocolate-covered caramel apples         
  • Mini cinnamon rolls
  • Mini donuts dusted with powdered sugar
  • Turkish delights

You can save extra work by presenting these in small cupcake papers or sticking them out of a display stand. Done!


Colorful bee’s wrap is one of the newest innovations on the packaging scene and is a fantastic alternative to plastic wrap. This eco-friendly, malleable cloth is made from beeswax, organic cotton, jojoba oil, and tree resin. To wrap a cake or sweet dessert slice, warm the wrap in your hands, fold it around the slice to seal, and allow it to cool. Once cool, the wrap will hold its shape until opened.

While this is the most expensive of the four ideas, it is also a gift your guests can wash and use repeatedly.


How you present your wedding cake can also greatly impact the ambiance of your reception. Simply decorating each tier with berries and flowers and adding some accent lighting can make the cake display pop.

Baked Goods as Favours Schur to Please Cake by Tegan McMartin
Schur to Please Boutique Cakery by Tegan McMartin Photography


When planning favors for your guests, remember to buy a special gift for members of the bridal party, too. Jewelry can make a wonderful bridesmaid gift that the ladies will treasure forever and easily customized for that personal touch.


Author Bio: Katie Tejada is a writer, editor, and fan of the eco-friendly who works with companies like Bio and Chic. She is a former HR professional who, in addition to writing about the latest developments in business communication, recruiting, and CRM solutions, covers trends in event planning and weddings.