First Dance At Your Wedding on Vancouver Island

Loving The First Dance at Your Wedding

First Dance At Your Wedding on Vancouver Island

Loving the First Dance at Your Wedding!

The First Dance. It’s supposed to be one of the most romantic moments of your big day. The two of you go out onto the dance floor, where you smoothly glide through ‘your’ song.  Cell phones are snapping all around you as you look into your partner’s eyes…wait a minute…you are more likely to fall on your face, you say? Does this actually sound like your worst nightmare?

You are not alone.  Couples are often more likely to view the first dance as something to dread or, conversely, something they feel they have to train for as an Olympic event.  It doesn’t help when those YouTube couples recreate iconic movie dance moments!

So we asked Ron Larson of HiWay Productions ( for his thoughts on this. Ron has helped hundreds of couples plan their first dance.  He was more than happy to share his experience.

“Well, the first thing is that you don’t have to follow all the traditional thoughts of a first dance.  If you are seriously not looking to have all eyes on you, there is nothing wrong with the first dance, including the wedding party and/or family.  But I think couples put too much pressure on themselves. Guests love to see a couple dancing with each other and the genuine connection between them. A romantic kiss on the dance floor will make your guests swoon far more than the most choreographed moment.  It’s such a great time for the couple themselves – to look at each other and remember how they got there.”

Guests love to simply see a couple dancing with each other and the genuine connection between them.

“That being said, there are couples who live for the moment when they (and sometimes their wedding party) break out the practiced dance moves for the big wow factor.  If that is your personality, then your guests are going to love it!”

Ron continued, “First dances don’t have to be perfect.  Life isn’t perfect. So you can either dance for yourselves, or the first dance can be an entertaining gift for your guests. Just as long as it suits you!”

Couple Dancing their First Dance at Reception Vancouver Island Wedding Magazine
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The first dance can be a time for you, as a couple, to create an authentic and sincere experience that translates into music – whatever that experience will be.  As Ron says, ‘music frames moments.’  So enjoy those moments on the dance floor!