Groom at Beach Wedding Vancouver

Groom’s Attire for the West Coast Beach Wedding

Groom at Beach Wedding Vancouver

We love to see the guys in their wedding suits and tuxes but lots of our West Coast grooms are marrying on the beach – which often seems to involve running through the ocean!  That means a tux may not be the best choice…so what is the well-dressed groom wearing to his beach wedding?

The current trends for grooms feature blues, pale grey and beige – the perfect palette for any seaside event.

The current trends for grooms feature blues, pale grey and beige – the perfect palette for any seaside event. Those are also the colours that tend to look the best when surrounded by nature. While there are no ‘rules’, be sure that the groom’s look is something that will stand the test of time.

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That being said, what most grooms love about a beach wedding is that they can go less formal.  Undoing a few shirt buttons and maybe losing the tie/jacket or simply being able to wear more casual fabrics. Some grooms still prefer to wear a suit but choose a looser fit that is more comfortable.

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Whatever the look…be sure to take a cue from the bride.  What she chooses as her bridal gown will influence how a groom will style. Just be sure to go for a timeless yet comfortable look and enjoy a wonderful day with family and friends!

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Tips for the Beach Wedding Groom:

Always allow the bride to take the lead in how casual your wedding will be – you may have to abandon your plan to wear shorts if your bride has found her dream princess gown!

Footwear can be anything from traditional to sneakers – but always have the appropriate shoes for your style.

Grooms can go sockless but always wear invisible socks with closed shoes.

Cottons and linens or lightweight wool suits are perfect materials for outdoor weddings!

Never wear a formal tux under the beach skies. Always go towards lighter suits.  Remember – it can get hot!

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