Champagne and Confetti on the Beach West Coast Elope Vancouver Island Wedding Magazine

Love Isn’t Cancelled on Vancouver Island

Champagne and Confetti on the Beach West Coast Elope Vancouver Island Wedding Magazine

Love Isn’t Cancelled on Vancouver Island…but you were happily planning the biggest day of your lives when, suddenly, the whole world changed overnight. The formerly monumental problems of bridesmaid gowns or which salad to choose were rendered moot and you feel overwhelmed. It is normal to mourn over the loss of your day. Every couple deserves to celebrate the wonderful gift of love and to share that with family and friends. So here is an encouraging truth…Love Isn’t Cancelled!

Obviously, we all want to support the hard work of our communities dealing with COVID-19 in every possible way. But that does not mean you have to sacrifice your wedding day in the long run. So how? It’s great to say Love Isn’t Cancelled on Vancouver Island but how does that translate in real life?

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The Vancouver Island wedding industry has been embracing the sudden changes, along with their couples. Everyone is facing decisions with only the unknown to guide them. What is known is that large groups of people will not be getting together in the near future. So what are your options as an engaged couple?


The first step is to sit down together and really discuss what it is you want from your wedding day. Are large family gatherings a tradition you want to uphold? Do religious traditions set that you must marry in your church? Or was a small intimate wedding always your goal?

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If a large family wedding is a tradition you want to keep you can really go in two directions. Postpone your wedding for a year or more…talk to your vendors if already booked for 2020 and you will find they will be incredibly helpful. Or, you can choose to elope now and plan the big reception down the road.  Either way, be sure to send out a beautiful ‘postponed’ card or message to your guests so they can support you. This lovely announcement has been provided for free download by Island ‘friendor’ The Ayla View! 

Don’t forget you can ‘zoom’ that elopement to everyone (and even have some extra guests that may not have been able to attend your RL wedding!). Backyards are suddenly the newest and best venue around and can be easily turned into a paradise for your family ceremony.

Were you already planning an intimate wedding? Don’t get too discouraged! You can likely get married in 2020 or early 2021 as our health officials slowly open the bubble on public gatherings.  Some have chosen to have a ‘rolling’ wedding later this year where different guests join them throughout the day. This would enable most of your original guests to enjoy one part or another of your day with you. We have already seen some wonderful ‘outside the box’ weddings taking place.

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Elopements are always a stylish option but now they are turning into some of the best weddings seen! Under a waterfall, on top of a mountain, on the beach or in a field full of flowers. Epic moments and epic shots to remember for a lifetime. Again, a full reception can be held later if you wish. You can have your elopement anywhere on Vancouver Island but be sure to look around Tofino and Ucluelet. They have been specializing in elopements for years.

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If you have a wedding planner you will find that they have already solved most of these problems and will present you with options all ready to go. If you are a DIY bride, be sure to err on the side of caution. You want your wedding day to be remembered as a happy one where everyone is comfortable!

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Whatever you decide and however you celebrate your love story during this time – you will find family, friends and wedding vendors are there to help and support you. Just remember…Love Isn’t Cancelled! (especially on Vancouver Island!)

Love Isn't Cancelled on Vancouver Island


We highly recommend you read ‘Planning a Wedding During a Pandemic’ by The Good Party. All the options, along with concerns, are presented for Vancouver Island couples and written by a team of planners who know!

Wondering how your wedding vendors are making decisions about how to help you and how make their COVID-19 policies? Check out this Wedding Vendor COVID-19 Resource by Vancouver Island Wedding Industry Association. Vendors are trying to support and organize policies that will work for everyone involved.

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