Eco-Chic and Eco-Conscious Weddings on Vancouver Island

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These days ‘green’ is in and being eco-conscious is becoming more popular…but what is a ‘green wedding’, is it possible and will it add stress to planning your wedding day?

Eco-conscious wedding on Vancouver Island

A green wedding may seem like a wonderful idea in theory but then seem overwhelming when it comes to the reality of choices. Are those plates considered polluting?  How do you have sustainable catering? The questions come fast and furious. However, the answer is actually simpler than most couples might know. Once you get through the initial planning stages and have a vision, the ‘green’ aspect will be easier to incorporate in the big picture.  It will also help you only purchase what is really necessary and keep your eco-conscious look minimal.

Why are couples planning a green wedding? Some couples lead a ‘green’ lifestyle and so this naturally translates to their wedding day. Others choose to lessen their impact on the environment as a way to show their support of the serious issues on such an important day in their lives. Others choose this option to show a ‘less is more’ attitude with the unique and creative take on their day. A sustainable wedding also helps the local economy and supports eco-friendly businesses.

Decor for Eco-Conscious wedding Vancouver Island Wedding Magazine

The important thing to keep in mind when planning is to try to leave as little as possible in the way of an environmental footprint. The ‘green wedding’ is an emerging idea so don’t quit if you can’t get to a zero footprint. The bottom line is, anything you can do to reduce the size of your wedding’s carbon footprint is a win. Be creative & have fun with it!  If it seems too much, but is important to you, then look for a ‘green’ wedding planner who will walk you through it and help you find environmentally friendly vendors.

Eco-Conscious Wedding Decor Vancouver Island

That being said, couples can do it on their own by simply keeping the main idea of reducing their carbon footprint in mind and getting creative. Pinterest is full of amazing ideas for using local plants, creating ‘kids nooks’ to keep children busy, table décor…the possibilities are endless.  And here is a bonus: it often brings costs in lower! 

Eco-Conscious Children Play Corner at Wedding Vancouver Island

Think locally, sustainably and follow the ‘less is more’ motto.  Vancouver Island has become a wonderful place to plan a green wedding with options from farm to table food, ethical hair and makeup, LEED venues, and more to come as the industry becomes more eco-conscious.

So remember that while The Green Wedding may seem daunting the truth is that it’s doable – you can support the environment and have it all on your wedding day! 

Written by Melissa Latter of Eco-Chic Affairs (


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