grey, pink and gold linens and colour palette West Coast Weddings Magazine

Choosing Your Wedding Colour Palette

grey, pink and gold linens and colour palette West Coast Weddings Magazine

Written by Stacey Lafreniere 

Remember the saying, “first impressions are everything?

This holds true for just about everything in life… including your wedding.

After all, the first thing your guests will notice when they open your invitation? The colour scheme.

More than simply a matter of aesthetic, the colour scheme of your invitation provides cues to the type of occasion they can anticipate (will it be formal, relaxed, stylish?) as well as communicates the story of who you are as a couple.

Because something as seemingly simple as the colours you select can make SUCH an impression, we encourage our clients to select a colour scheme they can get excited about.

Although it may seem like a difficult decision in the beginning, once you have the colour scheme established, the rest of your planning should fall into place with grace and ease. While it’s 2018, and we’ve tossed our rule books out the window for the most part – there are a few principles we can pay heed to when settling upon the perfect colour scheme.

Here’s how today’s couple can select a wedding colour scheme true to their personal style, all while looking effortlessly pulled together.

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1) Consider Your Wedding Theme

How would you describe the look and feel of the wedding of your dreams?

Identifying your wedding theme will help the colour selections come naturally, giving you a range of options to choose from. There are specific colour combinations to work with that are associated with different looks – for example, what could possibly be more classic than a timeless wedding color palette of white with blush, black, and crimson accents?

Or perhaps you’re today’s modern romantic, falling for a colour scheme of whites, beiges, and blushes for that dreamy bridal look.

And if it’s that beachy, bohemian look you’re after? You’ll want to take inspiration from nature – think corals and sandy tans with a punch of aquamarine. Catch our drift?

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Molly Jane Grant | Faire La Fete Linen Rentals

2) Look To Your Venue for Inspiration

Ideally, the colour palette and theme will complement or pay homage to the venue, visually adding to the beauty of the space rather than competing or clashing with it. Some venues may have a bounty of colours “built-in”; for example, an English garden will have seasonal blooms and tons of greenery to account for, whereas a warehouse or white-washed loft will provide a blank canvas for your ideas. Considering where you’ll be hosting your wedding will help determine a look and feel that will come with ease to the venue.

grey, pink and gold linens and colour palette West Coast Weddings Magazine
Faire La Fete Linen Rentals

3) Seek Inspiration Beyond Wedding Inspo

If scrolling down Instagram and poring through countless Pinterest boards have you feeling weary and exhausted by the sheer amount of options – don’t be intimidated to look elsewhere for your ideas. Flip through a fashion magazine, catch an art show, or look to your travels for inspiration. If Paris isn’t an option, not to fret – you can get ideas even by a waterfront stroll or a walk through your favourite city.

4) On A Budget? Think Seasonal

As with grocery shopping (and most things in life), staying seasonal is typically a good way to save money. If you’re watching your spend, consider planning your colour scheme around the time of year and which blooms will currently be in season.

One common myth is that you’ll only have a bounty of blooms to choose from with a summer wedding. However that’s not the case – Casablanca lilies, gardenias, holly, jasmine, orchids, roses, poinsettias, and even pussy willows make a stunning wintery wedding come alive!

If you allow nature to be your guide, then you can narrow down your theme options a bit closer. For example, roses and Casablanca lilies will perfectly offset a winter wedding with traditional white and black accents, whereas summer’s freesias and queen ann’s lace would beautifully offset a creamy, pale pastel wedding look. Or try some lush, tropical foliage to complement your jewel-toned wedding.

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 5) Avoid “Matchy-Matchy”

While we love a good colour scheme more than anyone, possibly – we do want to avoid that dreaded “high-school prom look.” Much like that perfectly undone makeup look that’s so big today, having matching accents on everything doesn’t exactly spell out that effortlessly chic look we’re going for!

It might be tempting to bring Pantone chips with you to visit every vendor (and there’s nothing wrong with this), but consider remaining to suggestions for colour choices to help bring your vision to life. For example, an experienced florist might have “just” the mauve-pink calla lilies to bring your traditional wedding theme to life. Providing a few images of the overall feeling you’re going for will help vendors find just the right options for you – while suggesting some complementary hues, too. Best yet, get your vendors on the same page – so all of the design elements will come together flawlessly.

As for the other things that may go awry during your wedding day?

We say, expect the unexpected – but with your decor looking on point, you can roll with it!

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