Modern Twists on the Wedding Boutonniere for the Stylish Groom

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Modern Twists on the Wedding Boutonniere for the Stylish Groom! Boutonnieres used to be the boring part of the wedding floral – predictable and about as interesting as watching paint dry.  These days, though, there has been a resurgence in creating classic or unusual floral designs for the guys.  They really bring the personality and a modern twist. So how to choose boutonnieres and what design elements should you look for when choosing? (Top Photo: Kenmar Flower Farm)


The men in the wedding party probably won’t get too concerned about what colour the boutonnieres are yet this is a case of floral cohesiveness.  What colour are the groom’s and bridesmaids wearing and what colours will be in the ladies’ floral?  Be sure that the tones either match or combine well across the colour spectrum.  No pale pastels on the guys only to have jewel tones appearing across the aisle!

Burgandy Rose boutonniere Fleurtacious by Lynda Marie West Coast Weddings MagazineMegan Edelman Photography | Fleurtacious by Lynda Marie


Be sure that you choose boutonnieres that will look balanced on the guy’s lapels.  Top heavy creations will not only crease the suits but look generally odd in photos and, yes,  size matters. Please make sure the boutonniere is not as large as the groom’s face!  Discuss with your florist how the stems will be finished. No green floral tape should be showing! Design choices also include using just one bloom or using several smaller blooms.  Greenery can also be used to add to the look or used as the entire design.

Outside of the Box

Some grooms and groomsmen simply are not in the mood for the floral boutonniere.  No worries! There are so many options for a floral alternative – think succulents, pins, berries, vintage keys, watches, feathers etc.  Anything that might be personally meaningful or original. The sky is the limit and Pinterest is your best friend. So don’t forget to have some modern twists on the groom’s wedding boutonniere!

Stylish boutonniere by Fleurtacious by Lynda Marie West Coast Weddings MagazineMegan Edelman Photography | Fleurtacious by Lynda Marie


Don’t forget that the boutonnieres need to be wherever your men in the wedding party are going to have photos taken before the ceremony.  The father of the bride needs his delivered with the bride’s floral.  And guys….please…the boutonnieres are pinned above the heart (that’s on the left!!) and not too high (the flowers should not be touching the face!).  A good florist will include a backup boutonniere in case Aunt Edna hugs the groom a little too enthusiastically. These kinds of details are often overlooked but become very important when in the middle of your photographs.

Choose your boutonnieres wisely and they will become a unique part of your wedding and something your guys will be excited about wearing on their lapels.  We loved these boutonnieres which span the classics to the whimsical.

Stylish boutonniere Clare Day West Coast Weddings Magazine Ophelia PhotographyClare Day Flowers/Ophelia Photography

Classic boutonniere Cherry Wang Weddings Vancouver Magazine
Lawrence Zhang Floral | Beige Weddings

Floral Pocket Square Boutinniere West Coast Weddings MagazineSophisticated Floral Design | Erica Ann Photography

Rose boutonniere Browns the Florist Vancouver Island Wedding MagazineLisa Kopp Photography | Brown’s the Florist

Sedum boutonniere stylish groom vancouver island wedding magazineCheyenne Shemnai Photography

Unique boutonniere Kaye Fleur West Coast Weddings Magazine
Kaye Fleur | Art + The Aerialist

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