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Proposals may be ever-changing, but one thing remains the same…there is always a ring! If you are looking for the ultimate wedding or engagement ring, then custom designing or purchasing a one-of-a-kind piece cannot be topped.

Proposals may be ever changing but one thing remains the same…there is always a ring!

So we chatted with Emma Glover, Jewellery Designer & Metalsmith, about the ins and outs of custom rings.

What do you find interesting about working on ring designs?

“I feel so honored to work with people in love and hear all their stories – sometimes I hear about the proposals ahead of time! So that is where we start. We talk about their partner’s tastes and personality. If they have inspirational photos or ideas, we look at them to put everything into a design concept. I am fortunate not to have to be a salesperson but an artist who creates works of art that make people very happy!”

What is the process for designing a ring?

“A lot of people come in feeling stressed thinking it’s going to be complicated, but I work really hard to make it enjoyable.  I often create a wax carving of the design so it can be viewed in 3D.  Changes can be made at that time, and I can give an estimated price before I start the actual ring.”

What inspires you to continue in ring design?

“I really get inspired by nature around me, but at other times I am inspired by the people I am working with – I have had clients bring in the music they wanted me to listen to or jewellery inherited through family. It is always meaningful and special to create a one-of-a-kind ring that will be worn in love!”

Thanks to Emma Glover Design