Couple on Tofino beach as sunset and mist surround them

Tofino Cover for Vancouver Island 2022 Magazine

Couple on Tofino beach as sunset and mist surround them

Tofino Cover for Vancouver Island 2022 Magazine…we love this gorgeous couple on the beaches of the West Coast! The awesome mix of formality and natural beauty captures the perfect cover. Thanks so much to Amrit Photography for snapping this moment in time, and we are overwhelmed to have such talent on the front of our latest issue. 

Tofino Cover Shot for 2022 West Coast Weddings Magazine by Amrit Photography

Of course, one of the first things to draw our eye to this photo was that dress. The lovely light terracotta color is striking against the blue of the water and sky. Equally eye-catching is the formality of the tux and gown. It shows you don’t have to be informal at your beach wedding! Go high fashion for epic photos!

Sunset behind eloping couple on Vancouver Island

West Coast weddings, elopements, and engagements are popular for a reason. The scenery is out of this world, and Tofino takes the literal wedding cake for beach nuptials. If you dream of white sandy beaches, rainforest adventures, and black rock cliffs, then you are in the right place. Imagine your first newlywed kiss just as the sun sets. 

Newlyweds stand on black rock beside Vancouver Island ocean with mist behind

We are pretty thrilled to have such a beautiful look on the newest issue and very happy to brag about Tofino and Ucluelet! Canada’s answer to the adventure and destination wedding is right here in British Columbia, and we are loving it! (CBC says so, too…) So we hope you all enjoy the Tofino cover for Vancouver Island 2022 magazine and all the inspiration inside its pages. 

Newlyweds run towards the waves on Tofino beach on Vancouver Island

PRO TIP: If you are trying to figure out the logistics of a Tofino wedding, be sure to take advantage of the professionals in the area. It’s still pretty wild on the coast in the best possible way. They know the absolute best spots, how to get there comfortably, the best time of day, etc. On top of that, they know which vendors will suit your style and budget. So there are two ways to make your life simple. Venues in Ucluelet and Tofino have amazing on-staff wedding planners who will arrange every little detail down to your dog’s water bowl (Tofino is very pet-friendly!) Or, if you want to go off-grid a little, get on board with a local wedding planner with a ton of experience. Either way works. But we don’t recommend just turning up and trying things on your own. You deserve a stress-free Vancouver Island experience. 

Couple sit on the black rock of Tofino beach in wedding gown and tux

HINT: If you have made it to Tofino or Ucluelet for your big romantic moment, we highly suggest going all out. Take a helicopter trip to the mountains nearby for photos of a lifetime. It’s worth every penny of investment, and you will never regret it. Check out the ‘peak to surf’ romance adventures with Atleo Air to get started. They will have a list of photographers willing to join you in your adventures.

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Black and White shot of engaged couple in formal wear on Tofino beach Bride and Groom walk along Tofino beach Tofino Cover for Vancouver Island 2022 Magazine of eloping couple Couple walk through the Vancouver Island beach tide Groom in black tux leans over bride wearing BHLDN peach gown on beach Tofino Cover for Vancouver Island 2022 Magazine by Amrit Photography