A Grooming Bromance Men’s Wedding Inspiration

A Grooming Bromance Bar for Men by Three Sisters Photography | Victory Barber and Brand | West Coast Weddings Magazine

 A Grooming Bromance is a growing wedding inspiration for men on the big day. And why not? Men should have the same pampering that bridal parties have always enjoyed. In the last few years, the heavy trend on beards has pushed men to learn more about skin and hair care. This has naturally led to […]

Groom’s Attire for the West Coast Beach Wedding

Groom at Beach Wedding Vancouver

 We love to see the guys in their wedding suits and tuxes but lots of our West Coast grooms are marrying on the beach – which often seems to involve running through the ocean!  That means a tux may not be the best choice…so what is the well-dressed groom wearing to his beach wedding? The current trends for grooms feature […]