Green Weddings: Eco Friendly Trends + Inspiration

Eco Chic Wedding with Stylish Foraged Greenery Details West Coast Weddings Magazine

 Green Weddings that are eco-friendly may seem like too much to take on, but the truth is it’s easier than you think. You can have the wedding of your dreams, stay on budget, and still be eco-conscious and eco-chic. Enjoy these ideas + inspiration for going green without having to turn up to your wedding […]

Eco-Chic and Eco-Conscious Weddings on Vancouver Island

 Eco-Chic and Eco-Conscious…These days ‘green’ is in, and being eco-conscious is becoming more popular…but what is a ‘green wedding,’ is it possible, and will it add stress to planning your wedding day? A green wedding may seem like a wonderful idea in theory but then seem overwhelming when it comes to the reality of choices. Are those […]