Stunning Tofino Wedding Sunset for Kara & Devin

Stunning Tofino Wedding Sunset West Coast Weddings Magazine
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Stunning Tofino Wedding Sunset for Kara & Devin – Tofino is the place to go for amazing sunsets and ocean side weddings. Kara & Devin are a fun and adventurous couple who impressed their photographer by asking to meet at Mt. Baker for a day of skiing! They planned a small Vancouver Island wedding on the beaches of Tofino for family and friends. Adding to the fun was the craft beer and delicious food which was served. 

We love the colour of the gown, the gorgeous bride…oh, and the incredible sunset!  The West Coast not only has some of the most beautiful vistas in the world, but it can also surprise by providing a stunning Tofino wedding sunset for lucky couples willing to wander through the evening tide.

There are couples who want to have a small wedding for many reasons but this wedding is not lacking in any way at all. The natural look of this couple as they enjoy an intimate wedding is the perfect inspiration for elopements! 

TIP: Photographers love to have couples who are willing to be adventurous so be sure to communicate with your photographer what you would love to do far ahead of time!

You are invited to another Tofino Beach Wedding!


Photos: Kai Jacobson Photography | Florals: Adele-rae Florals | Gown: ANGVNS