Pet Tips for your Engagement Shoot couple kiss their puppy by Vivian Ng

Pet Tips for Your Engagement Shoot

Pet Tips for your Engagement Shoot couple kiss their puppy by Vivian Ng

Pet Tips for Your Engagement Shoot…she said yes, and you are both excited for your engagement shoot with your photographer. Of course, you want to include your beloved pet in the photos. (For some great pet photo ideas, follow @petsatweddings). So what are some tips to making your shoot plus pet turn into some epic photos? Pawsome puppy in groom's arms

Be sure that your photographer is pet-friendly! This sounds nonsensical, but some photographers would rather not work with pets, and others are over the moon about it. So talk about your pet with your photographer beforehand. This also means your photographer can check beforehand that the locations they choose allow pets. Imagine starting your shoot only to realize no pets are allowed in the space? So having a good conversation when choosing your photographer is all-important.Pawsome brown curly haired puppy on lease with engaged couple in Vancouver park

Corral a good pet friend to help the day of your shoot (also on the day of your wedding but that is a whole other topic!). Have your friend take your pet for a long walkie while you and your photographer start your engagement session. Your pet should only arrive when you and your photographer are ready for the pet portion of the day. Have lots of treats on hand to help! If your pet is full of energy or hungry, it will be hard to catch those shots.Pupply gets lots of love and kisses from engaged owners

Are you dressing your dog or ‘flowering’ your pet for the shoot? Don’t suddenly have your dog in a clashing colour to style choices you have made. You can always purchase dog wear or wedding party signs for the cuteness factor. Be patient with flower collars, as your pet will need a few minutes to get used to them. You might even be treated with a few furbaby sneezes! Puppy held by engaged bride to be in Vancouver

Remember, you will only need 15 to 30 minutes to get some wonderful shots with your beloved pet. Don’t stress if staring into the camera lens is not happening. Some of the best shots are the playful ones or of the two of you walking with your pet. Pawsome Engagement Shoot puppy and diamond ring

We hope these pet trips for your engagement shoot are helpful and wish you and your pet a wonderful photo session!  Photos by Vivian Ng PhotographyBride leans in to kiss pawsome puppy held in grooms arms