New Moon Bride Inspiration decor with pampas grass

New Moon Bridal Inspiration

New Moon Bride Inspiration decor with pampas grass

New Moon Bridal Inspiration! A photoshoot that came together from women who wanted to showcase a vintage, romantic, and timeless feel, showing a strong-willed woman as a bride. This palette steers clear from a conventional bridal look and rather, presents a chic yet soft vibe with a gorgeous, androgynous pantsuit. The location is at “The Wallace” – a venue by the shipyards in North Vancouver which explains the industrial look! We loved the modern look to show that women can feel beautiful and sexy in attire that is not a traditional wedding dress. 

Bride in pantsuit by Jane Rhyan Vancouver

Since this is an unconventional look from some unique wedding vendors we thought we should hear from them personally about what inspired them to create this west coast wedding tableau:
“My vision for this collaboration was inspired by the New Moon and the representation of new beginnings. I love that a moon symbolizes Immortality, eternity & enlightenment which is how I aimed to design my florals.  I wished to showcase the beauty of the cycle of life from the fresh beginning stages to the next phase of the afterlife. My florals are used in a way that blends this concept with the mixture of dried and fresh florals along with the expression of all these stages of life. My color palette for this design I chose to remain neutral with soft warm tones and dried textures.” – Folk & Faerie (Florist) 
“The focal point for the decor was the crescent moon. We chose wood with a slight grain to mimic its natural craters and surrounded the setup with a mix of boho and minimalistic decor. We wanted to keep the overall look clean and contemporary, with small vintage touches. We did this using our antique mirror and vase and finished the look off with matte black taper candles. At Sienna’s Garden, we create a unique decor experience by combining different design styles.” – Sienna’s Garden (Decor and creator of the moon) 
Golden Wedding Cake by The Cake and The Giraffe Vancouver
The distinctive bride can find it hard to find a bridal style that suits her personality. But this look is utterly perfect as a strong fashion statement with an all-white pantsuit that shows off the bride’s curves, Yet it also conveys a romantic strength of character – a real moon bride. The mini-dress with a polka-dot veil is just utterly divine. The whole vibe is sassy and classy at the same time! The description of a true Vancouver wedding.
Bride in local Vancouver designer with polka dot veil
The gorgeous decor and ‘new moon’ are softer backgrounds for the stylish bride. The bohemian chair and decor are a perfect match for the lovely pampas grass and roses. And who doesn’t want to start nibbling on this pretty cuisine that is paired with the lovely wedding cake? New Moon Bridal Inspiration reminds us that E.E. Cummings described love as ‘you are my sun, my moon, and all my stars”! Enjoy going ‘over the moon’ with this wedding inspo! You are invited to see more local designs by Jane Rhyan + Fern & Moon!
Bride looks through polka dot veil
VENUE: The Wallace  | DECOR: Sienna’s Garden | FLORIST: Folk & Faerie | HAIR AND MAKEUP: DB Artistry & Co |
VEIL + POLKA DOT SHEER SHIRT: Jane Rhyan | DESIGNER: Fern & Moon | CAKE: The Cake and the Giraffe | CHARCUTERIE BOARD: Secret Spice Box | MODEL: Dominique Huyghe with Kysa ManagementPHOTOGRAPHER: Sarah England Photography

Bride in pantsuit on wicker chair surrounded by boho decor Charcuterie Board along the bottom of a wedding cake New Moon Bride Inspiration by Jane Rhyan Vancouver Pampas grass wedding decor Bride behind large moon and pampas grass decor New Moon Bride Inspiration boho look in Vancouver Bride lifts polka dot veil Bride in golden light by Jane Rhyan Vancouver New Moon Bride Inspiration looks in mirror Bride in mini skirt and long polka dot veil with pampas grass Bride with The Cake and The Giraffe Vancouver Nibbles by Secret Spice Box Vancouver Charcutterie Board for Wedding by Secret Spice Box Vancouver White flowers by Folk & Faerie Vancouver Bride with industrial vibe at The Wallace Vancouver Bride with Boho Decor by Sienna's Garden Vancouver Pampas Grass in Vase by Sarah England Photography Cheesecake for boho wedding by Secret Spice Box Vancouver