Love on Ice in Chilliwack

Love on ice – Vienna and Quentin

In the charming town of Chilliwack, Vienna and Quentin embarked on a delightful skating escapade for their pre-wedding session. Surrounded by towering mountains, their love took center stage, offering a breathtaking backdrop for Janessa Alicia to immortalize the joy and tenderness they shared. 

With each glide on the ice, they created memories that would not only warm their hearts but also ignite inspiration in others.
Bright, vibrant tones adorned their outfits, complemented by the cozy texture of warm, knitted sweaters. The concept of sharing a fun moment during a shoot brings out a playful air in the couple, fostering a relaxed and tension-free atmosphere throughout the session. Passion, love, and fun are a recipe for success, guaranteed to create unforgettable moments.

Janessa Alicia Studios skillfully weaves textures and layers into her photography, capturing the essence of her couples and painting their story through her lenses.


In the embrace of Love on Ice, Vienna and Quentin’s journey has been beautifully immortalized by the lens of Janessa Alicia. Their remarkable connection has ignited a spark that resonates through every captured moment on the ice. Stay tuned for more captivating tales of love and the artistry of textured photography on our blog, as we continue to celebrate the enchanting stories of couples like Vienna and Quentin.