Golden Hour for Cody + Erin

Golden Hour bride and groomm about to kiss holding each other with trees in the background
Hudson’s Bay – Post End

The Golden Hour did not disappoint as the bride and groom exchanged their vows. Those sweet warm gold tones set the mood for a spectacularly enchanting occasion.

Golden Hour Sunshine Coast Elopement by the water with natural altar

By the water and with the majestic mountains as a backdrop, Sunshine Coast’s stunning Sechelt Inlet was the perfect setting for this couple’s quiet elopement.

Golden Hour bride touching groom's hat lace dress west coast weddings

Golden Hour Groom picking up bride with arms around his neck by the lake with mountains Sunshine Coast

This lovely bride chose a gown made of delicate floral patterned lace with a train that suits the free flow feel of an outdoor elopement.

And though bright and bold colours in a bouquet are fun, there is something to be said for a soft, subtle bouquet of pink and white flowers— this is fine example of floral arrangements complementing and not overshadowing the main attraction. The bride’s natural beauty is further accentuated by her simple makeup and loose golden locks.

Golden Hour white and pink roses bouquet from Coastal Weddings & Events lace gown

Finally, can we all just take a minute to address the elephant in the room? The groom was wearing a hat—and boy did he wear it well! Captured strolling alongside his bride boasting a beautiful flower crown, the groom wore a grey hat to match his three-piece suit. Head to toe looking rather dashing, this final piece really completes his look. Some have said wedding hats are a thing of the past. We are happy to say those people have just been proven wrong.

TIPS: If you’re considering a tie the knot at the golden hour, be sure to plan accordingly as the time sun the sets changes easily an hour from one month to another.

West Coast Weddings Magazine Indochino suit Martina Liana Gown bride and groom walking through forest holding hands floral designs by Coastal Weddings & Events

Golden Hour HAIR+ MUA Rainbow Room Hair Salon Bride and Groom going in for a kiss nose touching floral designs by Coastal Weddings & Events

Golden Hour Elopement by the water

Golden Hour bride and groom holding hands lace dress

Bride in Martina Liana gown with pink rose

Golden Hour Elopement on the beach by the lake with mountains staring off into the distance Jennifer Picard

Golden Hour Groom carrying bride by lake mountains in background West coast Weddings Magazine

Golden Hour Sunshine Coast elopement focus on bride wearing Martina Liana Gown at Bisou bridal groom blurry out of focus staring off

Golden Hour Martina Liana lace gown from Bisou Brida West coast Weddings Magazinel

Golden Hour white and pink roses bouquet from Coastal Weddings & Events lace gown

Golden Hour bride and groom walking to water boat in the water Sunshine Coast

Golden hour Bride and groom touching noses holding each other mountains and sand

Golden hour bride smiling groom kissing her hand water in the back

Golden Hour hands touching by lake Jennifer Picard Photography West Coast Weddings Magazine

Golden Hour Newlyweds Silhouette by lake

GOLDEN HOUR CODY + ERIN | SUIT: Indochino | DOUGHNUTS: Nougatine in Sechelt | FLORAL DESIGN: Coastal Weddings & Events | GOWN: Martina Liana from Bisou Bridal | HAIR + MUA: Rainbow Room Hair Salon | LOCATION: Sechelt Inlet | Sunshine Coast | PHOTOGRAPHY + FILM: Jennifer Picard & Brian Thompson of Jennifer Picard Photography | West Coast Weddings Magazine

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