Culture Fusion bride thinking in red and green gown with red fans Silvia Makeup & Hair Vancouver

Culture Fusion of Love

Culture Fusion bride thinking in red and green gown with red fans Silvia Makeup & Hair Vancouver
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Culture Fusion was beautifully executed here with the union of East and West. As such, the editors of West Coast Weddings Magazine are excited to present to you this inspiration shoot that opens up a world of possibilities for the daring.

While not your typical bridal shade, this stunning red gown pays tribute to the Orient. Further, the green appliques reflect just the right amount of light for a dazzling effect. This inspiration shoot also begs the question every lady boasting red lips has asked herself— should I own this look on my wedding day? Well, why not? It is the colour of love and luck!

Culture Fusion food display, beautiful white chairs, reindeer statue on table,

Moving on to the flowers, and oh how we’re loving the flowers here! Once upon a time, pink and red together were regarded as a fashion faux pas. Saying hello to the era of fashionable clashes, we have bright reds and cool pinks coming together with orange hues. This ensemble creates such a lovely floral arrangement of roses with tones perfect for any season. In addition, the greenery pieces are seen artistically contrasted with red fan accents for that culture fusion. The deep jade backdrop paired with wine coloured velvet evoke a feeling of dark perhaps even secretive passion. It’s not often you see these colours paired in something that isn’t festive. Clearly though, there is other uses for this particular marriage of colours!

West Coast Weddings Magazine green wall, Persian rug, chair, table and floral arrangement with red fans Blushing Vintage Rentals

Culture Fusion reindeer statue on table with naked wedding cake charcuterie platter, roasted chicken, candles, floral arrangements

Finally, we come to the desserts. Leaving the more traditional fondant finish in favour of the evermore seen trend of naked cakes, this beautiful 2-tiered cake was simply garnished with luscious fresh berries. Displayed with pain au raisins, cake pops and candied apples—the variety of desserts gives a little somethin’ somethin’ for every guest. No complaints here… only cravings.

Culture Fusion naked two tiered cake with strawberry garnish Minus Cake Boutique

PLANNING + COORDINATION: Rebel Events | CONCEPT + PHOTOGRAPHY: Jumi Story | CINEMATOGRAPHY: Kunioo Cinema | DECOR: Blushing Vintage Rentals | FLOWERS: Arizel Studio | MUA + HAIR: Silvia Makeup & Hair Vancouver | CAKE + DESSERTS: Minus Cake Boutique | GOWN: Jumi Studio | MODELS: Kelly & Kidi

You are invited to another unique wedding!

Culture Fusion bride in red gown with train standing next floral arrangements with orange roses

Culture Fusion bride in red dress sitting on chair looking down at groom sitting on the ground reading a book

Culture Fusion reindeer statue with candles and flower arrangements

Culture Fusion bride and groom holding up dessert cup and cake pop

Culture Fusion dessert display with cake pops, cupcakes and candied apples

Culture Fusion charcuterie board with grapes, crackers, salami and prosciutto

West Coast Weddings Magazine gold pear on white plate with gold rim

Culture Fusion bride thinking in red and green gown with red fans Silvia Makeup & Hair Vancouver

Culture Fusion bride in red gown with long train standing next to black angel statue, groom sitting on chair next to her

Culture Fusion bride in red dress with really long train laid out, groom next to her fixing his tie

West Coast Weddings Magazine bride in red gown looking over her shoulder holdingm bouquet of red roses next to floral arrangement with red fans

Culture Fusion groom thinking pose next to black angel statue and greenery arrangement


Culture Fusion floral decor Arizel Studio

West Coast Weddings Magazine old books, litle dog statue and old chemistry tools decor by Blushing Vintage Rentals

Culture Fusion chair with red cloth and green floral decor with red fans Arizel Studio

Cuture fusion angel statue, wreath with red bow

West Coast Wedding bride in red gown smelling red roses Silvia Makeup & Hair Vancouver

Culture Fusion bride sitting in red dress Jumi Studio