Celtic Bride – Vancouver Island Wedding Inspiration

Celtic Bride with Bouquet of pink and white by Cartref Gardens Vancouver Island
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Celtic Bride is a Vancouver Island Wedding Inspiration Editorial filled with colour, beauty and a wonderful hair wreath. This concept is woodsy with a an Irish feel complete with cliffs along the ocean! A magical feel from beginning to end filled with the rich themes associated with the Celts. 

Celtic Bride Wedding on the cliffs of Vancouver Island Megan Maundrell

EDITORIAL PLANNER + DESIGN and HAIR SALON: Marlee Clark of Willow Hair Salon| PHOTOS: Megan Maundrell Photography | MUA: Alexandra Loughton Makeup Artist |  FLORAL DESIGN: Eiddwen Thomas of Cartref Gardens | GOWN: Shades of White Bridal Fashions | GROOMSWEAR: Plenty MODELS: Natasha + Johny of Coultish Management

Celtic Bride carried by Groom on Forest Path by Megan Maundrell Vancouver Island Wedding Magazine

The beautiful and romantic gown features lace bodice with open back and a flowing chiffon skirt – with a veil flowing in the wind! The perfect match to the Celtic love theme.

Celtic Bride with Veil in the Wind on cliffs of Vancouver Island Shades of White Bridal

The florist focused on creating works that were wild, natural, and whimsical with a touch of mystery. The materials used were gathered from the wild and from the florists’ garden. One flower crown is on dainty covered wire and the other on a coarser stronger wire for more of an upright crown effect. The bouquet is done in a natural, delicate style to compliment the bridal gown. It was made with the use of a Holly Chapple egg. The florals in the hand tied bouquet feature blowsy delicate garden roses, all grown by the florist. The bouquet also included spirea, fern bracken, amaranths, millet, clematis, nicandra, physocarpus, scabiosa, scented geranium, and rose hips.

Celtic Bride Bouquet of pink, white and ferns Vancouver Island Wedding Inspiration

Celtic Bride with Greenery Head Wreath of

The makeup look is a classic, warm toned bridal look with a pop of unexpected colour. An emerald green eyeliner with golden flecks was added to the lower eye creating a unique and classic combination. Keeping the rest of the colours across the face warm complimented the model’s stunning red hair 

Celtic Bride with Flowers in red hair by Willow Hairstyling Vancouver Island Wedding Magazine

The hairstylist created a loose, voluminous braid-like style to fit with the theme. She wanted a wild, natural look and did this by looping and pinning many small strands of hair to almost create the illusion of vines in the hair. Small flowers were placed throughout the braid. 

Celtic Bride with Adorable Children in Wedding Party by Megan Maundrell

Celtic Wedding Children in Wedding Party by Megan Maundrell Photography

Last, but certainly not least, are the utterly adorable little people in the weddign party! The small wreath on our flower girl is perfect and we can’t say enough about the blue tweed coat on our ring bearer. 

For more red haired brides enjoy this bridal editorial! 

Celtic Bride Wedding Inspiration by Megan Maundrell and Alexandra Loughton Vancouver Island


Celtic Bride Wedding Couple on Cliffs by Willow Hairstyling Vancouver Island Wedding Magazine

Celtic Bride Groom by Megan Maundrell Vancouver Island Wedding Magazine