Couple in water with flowers on them

Autumn Lovers + A Forest Lake

Couple in water with flowers on them

Autumn Lovers, rich colours and luxuriant floral…a perfect romance! Intimate photo sessions are now a full on photography trend for wedding couples. Some choose to do a pre wedding session, some are blending intimate photos into an engagement session. Other couples are waiting until the stress of the wedding day is over. Whatever the timing, intimate photos at the most romantic time of your life are a wonderful memento. 

This couple modeled for an over the top romance shoot deep in the forest. Fall colours are all around as they lie in beds of leaves. The floral design features deep peach, cream and pink roses, eucalyptus, golden leaves, dalhias, anemone and cream feathers. The black lace dress adds to the rich bohemian feel of the entire natural landscape. 

The highlight, of course, is the ‘Autumn Lovers’ in the water. The colours, the floral, the reflections on the water’s surface are so lovely. These are photos meant to last a lifetime! 

TIP: Look for a photographer who is well known for intimate photos. Photographers who are experienced will guide you through deciding on your comfort levels and helping you choose where you will be most relaxed. As well, you can ask for photos that are appropriate for all to see and/or photos just for the two of you! 

MODELS: Ashley + Braeden

PHOTOS: Island Moments Photography | FLORAL DESIGN: Fleur de Lii