Adventure Elopement kisses in a canoe

Adventure Elopement + Canoe Romance

Adventure Elopement kisses in a canoe

Adventure Elopement + Canoe Romance…so you would like to have an adventure elopement in true west coast style, but you are not up to hiking to the top of a cliff? No worries! You can have that west coast adventure vibe, and all that nature has to offer by eloping in a canoe. Or, after your ceremony, peacefully paddle off with your photographer for those quiet moments together—a truly romantic way to spend some time together on your wedding day.

There is so much to love in this ‘canoe for two’ elopement inspiration palette.  The colours are so beautiful together – blues, purples, and pinks all pop against the water and make the canoe look so pretty! The canoe is a canvas unto itself for the newlyweds. Stolen kisses and snuggling are required, obviously.

The bride and groom are perfectly dressed for their canoe adventure. The groom is rocking an open white shirt with beige pants while the bride looks gorgeous in a lace gown with a short train. Yes, we noticed those tassels! The side slit is perfect for climbing in and out of a canoe – practicality wrapped up in white lace.

PRO TIP: So you want to have a wedding canoe shoot, but how do you afford all those flowers? Filling a canoe is no small floral task, but here are a few ways to do it without breaking the bank. Use your reception flowers in the canoe, and afterward, transfer them to your tables. Add the bride’s and bridesmaid’s bouquets. Did you have ceremony flowers? Add those too! And ask friends to cut a lot of greenery just prior to your ceremony and use that as the ‘filler’ in the canoe before adding your flowers. Voila! A canoe full of flowers!

We love everything about this adventure elopement + canoe romance. The west coast vibes are perfect! One caveat…be sure your photographer is a canoe enthusiast as well, or you won’t get photos on the water! Adventure newlyweds canoe Vancouver Island's ocean edge by Amanda Reed

PHOTOS: Amanda Reed Photos | FLORAL: Little Bee Blooms | HAIR: Lauren Herdman | MUA: Alisha Rana Makeup Artistry | JEWELRY: Zestful Zest | GOWN: Bella and Ellie’s  | CANOE: Pacifica Paddle

Bride with wedding day braid in her hair sits in canoe with flowersAdventure Elopement Groom in a canoe on Vancouver IslandAdventure Elopement Couple pose in front of the ocean on Vancouver IslandGroom lifts his bride out of a canoeGroom dips his bride in front of a red canoe Groom kisses brides hand while sitting in a canoe on Vancouver IslandNewlyweds paddle canoe filled with purple and pink flowers on Vancouver IslandAdventure Elopement couple snuggle in the bottom of a canoe with flowers above themCanoe for Two wedding kissesWedding bouquet of pink and purple flowersFlowers on the front of a canoe by Little Bee Blooms Vancouver IslandBride balances along pier as groom holds her hand by Amanda Reed PhotosNewlyweds hold hands and walk along the stone beach on Vancouver IslandBride holds pink and purple bouquet beside ocean edge by Little Bee Blooms Vancouver IslandNewlyweds kiss along the ocean edge on Vancouver IslandNewlyweds kiss with boat behind them on Vancouver Island