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    Who We Are: Manites Florist is a cherished, family-owned business serving the Lower Mainland community for over 25 years. Founded by Ashley, our florist, who began her career after receiving her florist certificate in South Korea. With a background as an Art major and experience as a jewelry and graphic designer, Ashley brings a unique artistic flair to every arrangement she creates.

    What We Offer: At Manites Florist, we provide more than just flowers; we offer moments of joy, celebration, and heartfelt connection. Our offerings include enchanting bouquets, event installations, and bespoke floral designs tailored to suit every occasion and preference. We pride ourselves on personalized attention, ensuring that every creation reflects our customers’ unique vision and sentiment. Join us, where artistry, passion, and dedication converge to bring beauty and joy into your life.


    Contact Information:  | +(604) 524-8724


      7656 6th St , Burnaby, BC V3N 3M7

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