Getting in Shape for Your Wedding!

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Getting in Shape for Your Wedding! We know that planning a wedding can feel like a full-time job, but feeling radiant doesn’t have to feel that way.  So let’s debunk some myths and help you take the guesswork out of getting fit for the big day. 

Written by Makayla & Tyler of Mai-Ty Fitness  Mahalo!

Most couples express that with the most exciting day of their life coming up, they have an extra boost of motivation to feel their most radiant, and this is an amazing opportunity to set up habits and practices that leave you feeling your most alive, long past “I do.” 

What is the best way to get that “sculpted” or “toned” look for the big day? Getting in Shape for Your Wedding Mai-Ty Fitness couple walk hand in hand in field

A Combo of Strength Training & Cardio: 

Most wedding dresses show off the upper body, so to create that sculpted look, strength training to build muscle is optimal. This is what gives the “toned look.” If you want to feel a pump in your tuxedo, strength training is the kind of training for building muscle to fill out a suit. 

Want to lose fat? Strength training builds muscle and sends signals to your body to hold on to muscle and burn fat. By building muscle and lifting heavy weights, your body creates that sculpted look and has a higher metabolic rate. Lifting small weights multiple times works your muscle endurance, but the optimal range for building muscle fibers is 8-12 repetitions per set. 

This is what creates the “toned” look instead of endless amounts of cardio. You may lose weight, but it won’t create a sculpted look for your big day! Couple lifting weights with Mai-Tai Fitness

We use cardio training to feel good, sweat, move lactic acid through the body, and it aids with fat loss if that is your goal! Also, who doesn’t wanna tear up the dance floor with no problem on your wedding day? 

While your legs may not show depending on the style of dress or tuxedo you are wearing; they are optimal to work for a few reasons. One, this area of the body needs the most amount of energy to repair. They are your “big” muscles, meaning they need the energy to move. You can also use the full body in an exercise like a deadlift, which uses more energy than a bicep curl. Plus, you will be using your legs a lot on the dance floor and walking around on the big day. 

Why else should you exercise? It improves your gut microbiome, releases endorphins, helps you sleep better, improves your longevity markers, prevents diseases, and habit sets you up for long and healthy life. Wedding couple stand on the stairs and kiss after ceremony

PRO TIP – We BLAST music when we weight train, laugh, tell jokes, and make our workouts FUN. You don’t have to work out with your partner, though we prefer it to motivate one another and have fun. 

What is our other top tip for the big day? Consistency in your nutrition, exercise, sleep, and laughter.  The more you laugh during this process, the more you will look at this time as a time of joy. The more you focus on healing your gut microbiome, eating whole, organic foods (pesticides on conventional foods cause inflammation, gut health issues, skin issues, hormonal issues, and more), and on nourishing your body through this process, you will show up to your appointments, life, future forever partner, and big day as the most radiant and authentic version of yourself. 

Food is energy. We mindfully choose and consume food correlates to how we approach this amazing time in our life that many of us only experience once! 

Sleep is the most underrated part of the overall radiance and well-being of this process and a human. We dive deeper into this in our comprehensive guide, but sleep is the base pillar of exercise and nutrition. Above all else, prioritize your sleep to feel the most alive and radiant in how you show up to life, the wedding, your partner, and others in your life. We can’t stress this enough. Many arguments, stressful moments, and cravings take care of themselves by focusing on proper sleep. 

PRO TIP: You want to aim to have your final gown fitting a month before your big day. If you are losing weight or gaining muscle, you should end a month before the wedding. This helps you to have as little stress as possible during the month of your wedding (being in a deficit is stress), and your body does not change much right before the wedding. This gives your dress ample time for any alterations. The LAST thing you want is too much change after your final fitting that your dress doesn’t fit perfectly on your special day!  Tuxes are a bit easier to adjust & resize before a wedding. If you like to feel a “pump” for your big day, make sure you work out before any tuxedo fitting for optimal fit.  Getting in shape for your wedding is one of the best things you can do as a couple.Getting in Shape for Your Wedding couple in field with Mai Ty Fitness

About Us: Mai-Ty Wedding Fitness is the only comprehensive wedding fitness experience online. Designed exclusively for brides/grooms/spouses-to-be and their parties and parents, our rigorous, results-focused methodology guarantees that you look and feel like the best version of yourself for your wedding day. This saves you time from booking in at a certain time with a trainer at a local gym or classes. Our unique hybrid saves you time AND money. 

This is a personal training experience, not a boot camp or group class. Our team coupled wedding fitness, and nutrition expertise gives you a customized program for your body, fitness experience, goals, and wedding timeline. We will help you achieve your dream body, build muscle, gain strength, increase stamina, perfect movement patterns, improve mobility, correct and prevent injuries, hold you accountable for work inside and outside of the gym, and have fun while doing it.

Starting with communication to build good habits and focusing on a new habit each month– the phases of the Mai-Ty method is a one of a kind, an industry-first program designed so that you peak in the days leading up to your wedding; ensuring that you won’t backslide, plateau or burn out at the wrong time.

Above all else – our couples have fun! This is an exciting yet stressful time in your life. Your time focusing on self-care will help you de-stress and re-energize. Many of our couples express feeling closer than ever. 

While we welcome all couples, from fitness veterans to those with past injuries or newbies, using the biggest day of their life as motivation, know that becoming a Mai-Ty couple is a two-way commitment. Our client’s wedding fitness program is our number one priority, and we expect our clients to give their absolute best effort during their time with us. Our clients understand that to make a true transformation takes time, hard work, and consistency. And we will be there to cheerlead you every step of the way! 

Written by Makayla & Tyler of Mai-Ty Fitness  Mahalo!

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